Click Here for AKC Online Entry Services AKC ONLINE ENTRIES The benefits of using the AKC Online Entry System:  1. No more handwriting entry forms;  2. The convenience of using your credit card;  4. No more mailing the day before opening and keeping your fingers crossed that it doesn’t get lost in the mail.  5. Instant confirmation  6. Online cancellation if you have to pull from the trial. (See instructions below)  GETTING STARTED - Set up My AKC Account Setting Up Your “My AKC” Account. If you already have an authenticated "My AKC" Account, click here to go to  instructions to enter a trial   If you don’t already have a My AKC account, you must set one up to access the online entry system. It might seem a  bit cumbersome at first, but take heart… it isn’t that hard and once it’s done, it’s done. If you already have a My AKC  account and have your dogs’ information entered, you’re set! Scroll down to the “Entering An Event section  below. Account must be authenticated account (see attached document on how to authenticate)  Your “My AKC” account is where all your dog’s information is kept. Please keep in mind that you can use your My  AKC account for many things including keeping up with your dogs’ points, titles, legs earned, etc., receive reminders  of when events you are interested in open, keep records on your breeding information, offspring information, etc.,  access the AKC store which is full of information about your dogs and others, and so much more! Search the AKC  website for more information on other uses for the My AKC account.   Step one… This section will tell you how to: A. Create an Account B. Logging into the System II. Authenticate your Account (important!) III. Add Dogs to your Account A. Adding a Dog by Registration Number B. Adding a Dog By Name and Breed After you have completed these steps, when you visit the AKC website, go to the box on the right side of the AKC Home Page and login using your Account Name and Password. You’re finished! Now on to entering an agility trial… ENTERING AN EVENT: Go to: 
North Texas Agility
AKC Trial Secretary Service:  Agility, Specialties, Obedience/Rally
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