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Sherri Farmer AKC Licensed Agility Trial Secretary Donna Todd, Associate We are dedicated AKC Trial Secretaries that pride ourselves in giving excellent customer service, not only to the exhibitors, but to the clubs that trust us to help make their trials a success.  We offer trial secretary services for AKC Agility Trials, Breed Specialties and Obedience/Rally Trials.  If your club is in need of professional, friendly, and efficient trial secretary services, please contact us.  We would be happy to serve you.  Don’t worry about the paperwork... we’ll take care of all of it for you.  Your agility trials will be less stressful and more fun by having North Texas Agility provide your trial secretary work. Results are posted promptly and are displayed on a monitor(s) that can be viewed by each exhibitor just moments after their run is complete. Some of the primary services are provided as follows: · If requested, we can assist the club in submitting applications. · Post all information including premium, fillable entry form, judging program and results on website.  Website is kept up-to-date usually on a daily basis.  · Create a premium from information supplied by the club. · Email notification to agility exhibitors in Texas and Oklahoma. · Receive and process all entries and verify fees. · Stay in contact with exhibitors, return emails and calls, and respond to inquiries and questions in a timely manner. · Send confirmations to exhibitors and judge(s). · Provide posted running orders, scribe sheets, and gate steward sheets for the days of the trial. · Score table staffed by two of us.  We are skilled and knowledgeable and can do the job competently. · Produce marked catalogs for each judge, AKC, and the club. · Post results from all classes quickly when completed. · Display computer monitors with real-time results.  · Accept day-to-day move-ups on the weekend of the trial. · Create labels for all qualifying ribbons. · Post trial results on website, usually on the evening of the last day of the trial.  · Submit trial results and secretaries report to AKC. · Stay up-to-date on all AKC rules and policies.  Keep the clubs informed of all changes. 
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AKC Trial Secretary Service:  Agility, Specialties, Obedience/Rally
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